Cash Counter Terminal with POS & Withdraw Function

5.5 inch high resolution IPS display screen


POS Fuction Built-in

Cash deposit,Transfer &Withdraw Function

Balance Inquiry Function

Support to make payment by

  • bank card
  • NFC
  • acoustic wave
  • barcode scanning
  • online application payment

JTY6868 is an intelligent and multifunctional terminal which design for special financial market. It adds POS function,Cash withdraw ,transfer ,deposit, and support to make payment by bank card, NFC, acoustic wave and barcode scanning, etc. It integrated currency detector function and satisfied the need of the group-buying, take out and mobile Internet applications. It equipped with “Weirong Software(金网卫士) “to analysis, check, store, print the banknotes information.

The scope of application

It can be used in any shopping places such as supermarket, Retail stores, Shopping Malls, book stores and clothes shops, etc.), remote districts and faraway countryside . Providing more financial services for citizens like withdraw, remit, deposit, credit card repayment, balance inquiry. It suitable for all field and make sure the safety of the operation.

Financial and intelligent cash counter Terminal

Function Introduction

Technical standard: accord the Level A of China national standard GB16999-2010<Universal technical requirements of RMB-Banknote discriminating device>.

Display system: advanced intelligent and digital display screen

Data handling: equipped with “Weirong Software” to analyze, check, store, print the information of banknotes.

Currency identification: identify the denomination, version and amount of currency automatically.

Advanced technology: resolution 200DPI with CIS image sensor and scanning speed of 35 Million pixels,

Currency exchange: link with ‘’Weirong Software‘’ and support multi-currency exchange function

Failure recovery System: modular design,easy access and path of cash, better banknote jam solution

Financial and Intelligent POS Terminal

Production Introduction

5.5 inch high resolution IPS display screen integrated by A8magnetic card ,IC card, Thermal print, take photo,1D/2D barcode scanning, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS Location function, fully configured, advanced technical solution to support the payment made by bank card ,NFC, acoustic wave and barcode scanner, etc. It satisfied the need of the group-buying, take out and mobile Internet applications and expand the POS terminal value added application service.

Main features

Android 5.X operation system

Accord with PCI, PBOC3.0 Certification

4G network communication

Scan and take photo for 1D/2D barcode

Long life battery

Support Cryptographic algorithm of hardware

China Union Pay terminal validation toolkit testing

Certification PBOC3.0 L1&L2

Certification Qpboc3.0 L1&L2

Security Specification for intelligent terminal point of sale

China Union pay intelligent terminal selling standard